Woke up this morning, my chest felt tight as I fought back tears. I was overwhelmed by sadness and had to figure out where this feeling was coming from.

I concluded that those emotions were from a series of events that occurred over the past 30 days. I decided to not deal with those three situations when they actually happened which resulted in everything coming at me at once!

Tears fell uncontrollably.
But then I begin to feel numb all over. My mind was confused as my heart took over. Nothing could stop the flow of tears even if I willed them away with all my might.

Accepting that sadness, hurt and death are a part of life is the most difficult thing for me.

All this time, I thought I had control over my emotions. Happiness will always resurface in my life since thats my favorite emotion. However, realizing that the less favorable emotions must have their roles as well will allow me to cope better.

Facebook=Meat Market

Anything is possible in this day of vast technology however don’t look for love on Face Book. There are some who actually found love here but that is rare or a figment of your imagination. Somehow both men and women have turned this wonderful social networking site into a “meat market”. If you are shopping for sex on here you have some major issues!

 The ratio for men to women is already awful and FB made it even worse. Now folks can go nationwide being the best whore or dog they can possibly be. They just keep going down their list of friends they hand picked as possible candidates until one says YES! This goes for both men and women don’t be a victim. People hide behind these computer screens and pretend to be whomever they believe will accept them.

 Just be careful because in actuality FB has ruined many lives and broken up marriages.

Why Brush Your Tongue?

 When you are speaking to someone there is nothing worse than seeing this nasty thick white yellowish buildup on your tongue. I am certain they are not purposely looking down your throat it’s just normal (especially when bored) to look at teeth, in nostrils (Yes, you have to clean your nose too!), at skin and sometimes in ears (keep wax out) of the person you are communicating with. 

That stuff hanging around on your tongue is the devil of bad breath. So get rid of it now. Gag if you must while brushing just get it off.  You can purchase a tongue cleaner at your local pharmacy as well which reduces the gag reflexes. Good Luck!

To think you still want to stick your tongue down my throat (LOL), NO WAY!  

 Last but not least, don’t give me the Scooby look when I ask you do you floss.

Your Health

There are many who have medical and dental insurance but choose to never visit a dentist or doctor. Why? Preventive care is how you remain healthy so why not at the very least take advantage of having your teeth cleaned at a dentist office twice a year and your yearly physical along with blood work testing for everything? There are many who wish they were blessed enough to have medical and dental and you are too lazy or just believe you don’t need doctors in your life until one day you have no choice. Make your health a priority.

Skin Care Tips

Beauty starts with lots of H20 and keeping your FACE Clean. When you hear the phrase “beauty starts within” the first thing that comes to mind is a person’s disposition.

  Well, let’s just say that is a good start however, I will be discussing keeping your insides healthy in order to radiate beauty on the outside from a physical aspect. 

Acne is a skin infection but at the same time what can we do to counteract or lesson the appearance of the lesions? I suffer from acne and you would never know until I have a break out from excessive stress, not drinking enough water or eating too much garbage foods.

 Most importantly, we must cleanse our skin to remove embedded dirt and if you wear make-up it will take extra efforts.

 While in the shower the steam will open the pores, which is a great way to release most trapped oil, dirt and make-up. The key is developing a system that works best for your skin. What works for someone else may not work for you so trying different things may be a hassle but until you find what works you may have to keep searching.

 There are lots of women who have a million small little bumps that resemble a rash on their face that is amplified when makeup is applied. This may be an allergic reaction to the make up or a cleanser you are using. Try to use a soap free cleanser CVS sells a great one in a pump bottle. After cleansing your face, apply hydrocortisone (lightly) I recommend the cream since the ointment is too greasy. After a few days the bumps should start to diminish and you should stop the application of the cortisone but continue to cleanse your skin.

 Keep your hands out of your face since you touch objects all day. Another key is to keep the screen of your phone clean. I use a tissue and very little hand sanitizer to clean my phone 3 times a week minimum. A dirty phone held up to your face and touching your face with dirty hands will irritate your skin and cause a break out as well.

 Lastly, change your pillow cases regularly! More to come stay tuned! Remember to drink plenty of water…



Exercise 4 Life

I am almost 200 lbs. and absolutely nobody believes me but it’s the TRUTH. Why would I tell a lie about weighing that dang much! I am healthy as an Ox.

 What I have learned is that the scale is a tool but not your only tool. I eat VERY well never DIET! Meat is eliminated 95% because I will suck down a wing or two when I hang out with the girls.

 I fry food in my home no more than 4 times a year. I don’t buy soda or bread for me to eat anyway. Drink plenty of water, get proper rest and try not to stress. Lots of fruit and raw veggies!! No dairy ewww gives me gas big time!

 Most importantly, whether I feel like it or not I get off my lazy arse and jog 2, 3 miles outdoors or 5 miles on a treadmill. I do crunches, squats and lift light weights…Trust me I skip days but I always do SOMETHING even if it’s just a 30-40 minute brisk walk. The weight would not leave me because it was mostly muscle all the time. I whipped the fat into shape and made it work for me!

 No plastic surgery is EVER necessary if you decide to make a change in becoming more active and eating right. Don’t be LAZY or keep making excuses. I can’t tell a lie…I hate the idea of working out and actually getting outside to jog but love the results and the feeling I get afterwards. (when I am not sore)

 At the age of 41 there is no time to think about working out or eating right because now it’s between life and death. I will not become diabetic or suffer from heart disease just from being lazy.

 However, there are some folks who are predisposed to those diseases and those are the people who really should take exercise and eating right seriously. One life! Let’s do this thing right…Get up, get out and do something!