False Lashes

Not everyone is born with beautiful long lashes…what a bummer!!! The downside to this new eyelash craze is that “most” of them are starting to resemble bat wings instead of long beautiful lashes. I have seen false lashes applied that looked GREAT!! However, if I see your lashes before I have a chance to focus on your face ummmm? That’s not a good look. I wear false lashes myself and pay a pretty penny to have them applied correctly and with taste.
If your tech is using the glue they use to attach tracks (weaves) to a scalp run as fast as you can!!! If you can’t afford to pay to have the lashes that are “official ” don’t opt for the ghetto bat wings. Just save your change to have lashes applied correctly or leave it alone.
Besides men really hate false lashes when they look tacky and laugh behind your back…Females too!
Michelle Obama wears false lashes do you see her lashes looking all crazy??? No! Enough said…

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