He’s Bisexual Stupid

He spends more time in the mirror than you do and dresses better than you too! He’s a freaking neat freak, gets manicures and pedicures then post it on Facebook!! Gee-whiz wake up! Never been married no kids! Correct me if I am wrong but something is just not right here!

8 thoughts on “He’s Bisexual Stupid

  1. My father, who is straight as they come, gets manicured, and wears Ralph Lauren clothing. When he gets his nails done he admires his manicurists tits.

    I seek to date men like my father who dress well, and understand that baseball caps and football team logo-covered clothing are not wardrobe essentials. Ever watch Mad Men? Don Draper and Roger look like men should look. Most men now look like they don’t care about their appearance, and that is a shame.

    A well-dressed man with intelligence always draws my immediate attention.


    • I appreciate your response! I totally agree with what you wrote 100% that is based on your personal experiences… However, metrosexuals are frowned upon which is sad to say.
      I love a man who cares about their appearance. Seems that many women like for their man to be a little dusty???? Why does being gay or bi have to be associated with a man who takes that extra effort when getting dressed etc. Well, there are boundaries you know like doing too many things that women would do to groom themselves…but ummmm who sets these standards? Ha!


      • I totally don’t understand why metrosexuals are frowned upon, but maybe looking like frumpkins is the male version of women dressing more asexual? Who knows. It’s hard to say. All I know is a man in a fine suit is like honey to this bee any day. Though the posting of male manis and pedis on Facebook updates might be a tad overdoing it. =)


  2. Some women choose to ignore the signs because they are soooooo desparate for a man !! Somewhere in the back of their mind they are hoping that they are wrong and convince themselves that the writing is not on the wall..


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