Sex on the first date!

Whoever said sex on the first date was wrong? Well, there are mixed emotions and views on this topic. When you have two consenting adults who are sexually attracted to each other what’s the issue? If both parties can accept the fact that it’s “just sex” and doesn’t seal the deal on a relationship unless communicated otherwise all is fair. No judging or implying later that the Female is a slut because if that’s the case the man is on equal footing without a doubt. No matter the circumstance the most important thing is to not use the early sexual encounter as a negative mark against a possible blossoming relationship. Lastly, if the sex rocked your world take a break for a few weeks to get acquainted then bring the fire back!

5 thoughts on “Sex on the first date!

  1. If both consenting adults are comfortable with it then I see no problem. The lines of communication however must be open on both ends by both parties so as not to mislead one another as to what each individuals intentions are. In the end folks are grown and should thus act accordingly with both maturity and respect towards one another.


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