Why Does Her “Hello Kitty” Stink?

Why is it that many women take more time shopping for clothes, weaves, perfumes and shoes than taking time to ensure that their “Hello Kitty” is FRESH? You can do all of the above just don’t neglect your nappy dug out under any circumstances! No man wants to smell FISH or any foul odor coming from between your legs it is a complete turn-off and should make you want to vomit yourself. For those guys, who choose to hit it anyway you are a nasty f*ck and need to inform that stank lady in a nice way that she need to go see her doctor ASAP!  If another one of my male friends comes to me about their experience with a woman who smelled bad I am going to SCREAM! I know you won’t be able to hear me but it will make me feel be better…You know what’s funny? The stinky ones always want a man to perform oral sex on them! I will leave you with this, you know you are not right and stop pretending you don’t smell that stench. If you have become accustomed to your foul odor you just need to run in the right man to call you out in a major way. The room should not smell like fish & chips when making love!

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