My hips are wide my butt is round and plump. My butt sits up and out hmmm? I have big Shapley legs, average bust size with a pretty small waist. However, I am still FAT but most guys call me PHAT. Either way, never mind what the freaking acronym for PHAT is! They both sound the dang same for goodness sakes just don’t refer to me using either term thank you very much. Matter of fact at what stage in a man’s life do they discontinue using daunting terms that are rather abrasive if you ask me? You call me crazy and say ” gosh you look great.”
But the scale never lies when someone that is a little over 6 feet is the same weight as me standing a little over 5 feet…WOW! How is that even possible? Well, it is sadly to say . Consequently, I am able to carry the weight very well. Magically the FAT is distributed evenly if that makes any sense…I posted my pics check me out standing at a hefty 190lbs! There has to be some scientific explanation.

8 thoughts on “PHAT ~vs~ FAT

  1. Real beauty is how a person feels about themselves on the inside. I do believe that attractiveness is important up to a point but to call it the all in all at least for me would be absurd. How a person looks is only one aspect of who they are. It’s amazing how someone with a great personality can be boosted from a so called “7” to a “10” simply because of this. But then again who are we to judge other people? God created us all exactly as he saw fit for us to be….divine, uniquely and wonderfully made and lovely in his eyes. It’s up to us as individuals to see that inourselves and each other.


  2. Real beauty resonates from inside. We have no contol over whether we are (externally) pleasing to eyes or not. That was merely a connection between an egg and a sperm. Real beauty and real love are from within, you can control that.


  3. Thats a great post
    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Real love is based on the inner being. Whiles lustfulness is based on ones shape. Stay cool and ignor the guys who comment on your PHAT


  4. I concur!!! I’m not a little girl and you get to see me almost everyday. Everything I have on my body jiggles and wiggles when I walk. My husband calls me a fertility symbol. You know, one of those super chunky women who were believed to be sexy years ago. He means it in the best way. To be honest, those WERE the sexy ladies. The thick, shapely women with curves and a small waist. I love that. When you look at them from behind you say, GOOD LAWD!!! Kudos to all women with curves, Fat, or PHAT, whatever you like to call it. I say it’s HEALTHY and SEXY!


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