Relationship Blues

So you had an argument with your sweetheart and now you are angry with the world? Get over it or deal with it better yet check your issues at the front door before coming to work or interacting with others. “Misdirected anger “is a dressed up term for “jackass” because anytime you are angry with someone that had nothing to do with your foul mood you are a jackass. Disagreements will happen between folks in a relationship which is nothing new. Why get stressed over it? Remain civil, talk it out like mature adults not like 5 year-olds in a shouting match.
Besides, if someone has that much power over determining your mood you may want to stop depending on others for your happiness.

3 thoughts on “Relationship Blues

  1. Great post! I often find people at work seem to snap very easily some days and then confess they had a bad morning with their boyfriend, it is shocking and highly unproductive. Surely if you are fighting with a significant other it would be nice to have a good day with others before talking it over with them later. Brooding is only going to lead to a foul mood, others being upset with you, and you getting even more angry! I think the last part is brilliant as that is such a true point to make, people shouldn’t rely on others for their happiness, it just isn’t sustainable! Also, you should really have other things in your life that you can be happy about apart from your partner!


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