Now You Want Me?

I was in love with the idea of being with this guy many years ago. He was such a handsome devil and super sexy.
There was this one issue, he didn’t want to be with me but didn’t pass up having sex. I already knew he wasn’t really interested but like a dummy I stuck around hanging on the hook of lust and possibility. How can you be rejected but accepted at the same time? Figured that out quick! It’s called being used and abused but somehow there was an inkling of pleasure present. Guess who crawled from under the rock? Yep, you guessed it and now he wants me! Don’t give me that timing crap either.
After all, it’s only been 22 years for you to decide. Boy get out of my face!

10 thoughts on “Now You Want Me?

  1. Its amazing how the universe works. Men can be so selfish and inconsiderate. Good for you that you have moved on from that chapter in life. He missed out!


  2. Now that this person has filled their oats,it seems they want you to drop everything and be about them.Not a good look,especially after 22yrs…. Me personal I would not have alot to say to them and I dam sure wouldn’t keep catering to them,because in their mind they may see that as you still liking them and think she will eventually give in to me.


    • William you are so right! I just laughed and even thought about going along with the game then disappearing on that azz but I have no time for games too old and I am happy with my current situation. THE NERVE OF THAT BASTARD!


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