Why Be Rude?

There is an astronomical amount of people who receive great pleasure being rude to others. Being rude is letting the receiver of your unfavorable behavior know you are a miserable creep. It gets worse! Some folks believe, depending on the circumstances, that being rude is “deserved”. Let me break it down, if you honestly believe being rude is justifiable you have some serious issues. I almost become acquainted with more than a few folks who were so rude that it shocked me! My first thought was WTH did I do to this genetic mistake to make them treat me in this manner? I just smiled and said “hello” no negative body language or tone. Ok! So what’s up with your friend and the nice nasty attitude? Response, oh that’s just how she/he is ignore it they have to get used to you. What?!
I don’t think so, GOODBYE!

2 thoughts on “Why Be Rude?

  1. I will never for the life of me understand people that have (or accept) a nasty disposition. Common courtesy is free, which is why we can all afford to give it.


    • Jaison not justifying that horrific behavior but they must be awfully miserable. I had two bad experiences just yesterday with two different sell clerks. They were just NASTY to me for no reason when all I wanted was a little help. It makes me sad sometimes 😦


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