He Called You A B*tch

When the man you are in a relationship with calls you a b*tch how exactly should you respond? Most women cry or scream and yell obscenities instead of really thinking about what role they played that made this man feel like he could get away with calling you out of your name. A man knows which women will allow that type of disrespectful behavior. On the other hand, a man also knows whom not to call a b*tch if he doesn’t want her to knock his teeth out or better yet erase him from her life forever. Is it really that big of a deal if he called you a b*tch? Well, it’s a huge deal to me, whether he meant it or not. That word should have never rolled off his tongue period if he ever had an ounce of respect. He may think I am a b*tch or even call me a b*tch in his mind. But hearing someone that you thought loved and respected you call you a b*tch is very painful. For the sake of fairness, we may exhibit some behavior that would make just about anyone call us a b*tch. However, there is still no justifiable reason to actually blurt out “you are a b*tch!” A stranger could care less and not think about how they would feel if someone called their mother, daughter or sister a b*tch. My point is, no matter the behavior of a female referring to her as a b*tch is wrong on every imaginable level.

2 thoughts on “He Called You A B*tch

  1. Correct…matural respect in any relationship is key and that respect should be held up at all times no matter what,especially if the 2 parties truly love one another.


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