Busy Body or Not Interested?

I don’t care how busy a person is if they want to make time for you they simply will.  I recall attending school part-time, working a part-time gig and holding down a full time job. To make matters even more complicated I had an exciting social life! When it came time to me calling my honey the one I cared about the most with out any doubt I made time to pick up that phone to show him love.  I would lose sleep to spend some quality time with my sugar plum because he meant that much to me. There was no time for cheating or having a line up during the most hectic time of my life. Because I know first hand what it  meant to be crazy busy out of  your mind that I hardly got 4 hours of sleep; is why I REFUSE to believe that a person is too busy to pick up that dang phone, fawk a text!

My belief is, if they aren’t  talking to you throughout the course of the day they sure as heck are talking to somebody! It may be Todd or Tiffany but it’s someone. It really aggravates me when a man I am involved with tells me he was to0 busy to call me. What he really meant was, you are not  important enough for me to make time to call you…Yep!  My first question is did you make time to take a leak today?  For sure he made time to eye some chick walking pass in a short skirt. Well, let’s just say that’s some piss poor as excuse.

Cell phones are portable and you can easily find a quiet corner to call the one you love or care about. It only takes a few more seconds to say “Hey babe just wanted to let you I was thinking of you!”  When someone is on your mind you are compelled to call them.  I will admit there were some days I ran around like a run away slave and didn’t have time to come up for air. Crazy days are to be expected but not every damn day or else you need to revamp your life to prevent having a stroke. Isn’t it funny how everyone calls you especially folks you wish would stop calling? The main person you want to call just will not dial your number because they are too busy and you have to understand and be patient? No! I will not…On to the next is my motto 😉

In short, no one is that busy that they can’t call you if you mean anything to them. Funny how they can find time to call you when they want to jump in those sheets huh?  One would think they would be too exhausted after having such a demanding day so how do they have enough energy for screwing?  Of course, they have time to finish screwing you around they’ve been doing it all day.

Need more input on this topic pick up the national best seller “He’s Really Not that In to You” it’s something you already know but some of us have to see it in I black and white, go figure???


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