I will admit there have been times being Black was embarrassing. The metro rides with the young kids shouting obscenities at each other and screaming at the white folks on the train made me want to kick all them in the buttocks until my foot came through their mouths!
If I spoke up would it have helped? No indeed, they would have all jumped on me and beat me to a pulp. Flip side of that, say I whipped their a** then charges as they are under age, would hunt me forever!
It gets worse, no matter how awful the heathens behave the parents will defend them!
I consider myself pretty tough BUT even I am afraid of my own people sometimes. I can only imagine how other races feel. I bite my tongue and pray that others will not categorize all of us because we are not all the same. You would think others would know this but racism still exist and stereotypes. Honestly, when you shout or even think in your mind “I hate n*ggers!” We do the same thing with as much conviction. But guess what ? N*ggers come in all colors!!!!
It’s not appearance it’s behavior.

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