False Nails Gone Bad

There is nothing wrong with false nails if you keep them clean and at a reasonable length. Some are shaped like a sharp knife, super thick or look like they can be used as a mini shovel. The worst is when you see the dirt embedded under or stuck between where the false nail and real nail meet. The super long claws with those crazy flamboyant colors is a clear indicator of someone wanting to be “noticed”. My nail tech talked me into getting one finger dazzled up since all ten done up with a design would have made me dizzy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off that one obnoxious design that I went back the next day to have it removed. I wear active length solid colors and that works fine and keep my nails grime free. Besides how in the heck can you wash your personal parts or wipe your backside after a dump when you have claws for nails? Never mind I will make my own sandwich but thanks for offering.

8 thoughts on “False Nails Gone Bad

  1. Patrice one of my FB had to had her while toe nail removed becuz of the chemical they use to make the look pretty and longer got underneath her nail bed and caused a infection. Real,manicured, short and neat is the best thing. Those false nails ruin your real nail.


  2. Hahaha, this is hilarious!
    I too am not a fan of witch nails which I feel will poke my eyes out if I come too close to someone. Also, I feel that with fake nails it is very easy to look cheap: ridiculously long length, dirt, an array of crazy designs. When I had my first and only fake nails done they were rather short and had the simple french manicure design- I did make a fatal flaw though and had them done before me and my boyfriend went on holiday: getting sad out of them bad boys was a mission in which I failed miserably at!


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