Decide 2B Happy :)

Before you head to bed tonight, try to think about positive things in your life or that day. Never go to sleep upset it will not allow you to rest properly. The last thing you want is to awake in a bad mood. 

Stress and Anger eats away your happy spirit that is waiting to burst out! It is very true indeed that we all have our days we feel angry with the world BUT we can’t let that attitude consume us for not longer than 30 seconds. Be upset or even angry besides we are human. The key is to not stay in that place where anger and sadness lives. Sounds silly, but I give myself no longer than 30 seconds to be upset than I shake that mess off its so not worth it ever.

 Crying is sometimes needed instead of trying to hold it in because crying cleanses the soul. Heck shout, scream go for a long run just don’t remain in a world of misery. Do not let your negative thoughts enslave you.

 Life is too beautiful for that if you just take a moment to really consider the good things no matter how small or unimportant those things are to others. I have no idea what you are experiencing so you may think HUH? Easy for you to say! Trust me, you would be surprised what life has thrown my way.  Yes,  it is easy for me to say be happy no matter the adversities you face,  since being happy is no longer an option for me it is MANDATORY!

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