Why Brush Your Tongue?

 When you are speaking to someone there is nothing worse than seeing this nasty thick white yellowish buildup on your tongue. I am certain they are not purposely looking down your throat it’s just normal (especially when bored) to look at teeth, in nostrils (Yes, you have to clean your nose too!), at skin and sometimes in ears (keep wax out) of the person you are communicating with. 

That stuff hanging around on your tongue is the devil of bad breath. So get rid of it now. Gag if you must while brushing just get it off.  You can purchase a tongue cleaner at your local pharmacy as well which reduces the gag reflexes. Good Luck!

To think you still want to stick your tongue down my throat (LOL), NO WAY!  

 Last but not least, don’t give me the Scooby look when I ask you do you floss.

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