Woke up this morning, my chest felt tight as I fought back tears. I was overwhelmed by sadness and had to figure out where this feeling was coming from.

I concluded that those emotions were from a series of events that occurred over the past 30 days. I decided to not deal with those three situations when they actually happened which resulted in everything coming at me at once!

Tears fell uncontrollably.
But then I begin to feel numb all over. My mind was confused as my heart took over. Nothing could stop the flow of tears even if I willed them away with all my might.

Accepting that sadness, hurt and death are a part of life is the most difficult thing for me.

All this time, I thought I had control over my emotions. Happiness will always resurface in my life since thats my favorite emotion. However, realizing that the less favorable emotions must have their roles as well will allow me to cope better.

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