Baby Daddy & Mommy Issues

I have noticed over the years and from personal experience that some people let another person dictate the type of relationship they have with their kids.

 Why would you want to be with a person that denies your child or worse they encourage you to be a dead beat parent? How can you look at yourself in the mirror you evil vindictive witch!

 I will say this, call it what you want but you are a piece of garbage and God will take care of you in the worse way for hurting that child by not being present. However, if you are a danger to the child, plan to not be consistent with your presence causing a negative impact on the child’s life it’s better to stay away from the child. That’s between you and God.

 Lastly, for the ladies who use a child for revenge by not allowing the Father to see his child because he no longer desires to be with you are scum beneath the earth. Stop making excuses because in the end the child suffers.

 I totally understand that sometimes the Father may not be financially supportive purposely or just simply may not have a job etc. BUT if he is willing to be a positive force in the child’s life giving them love don’t deny him the presence of his child. Once the child is here it’s no longer just about how you feel.

Decide 2B Happy :)

Before you head to bed tonight, try to think about positive things in your life or that day. Never go to sleep upset it will not allow you to rest properly. The last thing you want is to awake in a bad mood. 

Stress and Anger eats away your happy spirit that is waiting to burst out! It is very true indeed that we all have our days we feel angry with the world BUT we can’t let that attitude consume us for not longer than 30 seconds. Be upset or even angry besides we are human. The key is to not stay in that place where anger and sadness lives. Sounds silly, but I give myself no longer than 30 seconds to be upset than I shake that mess off its so not worth it ever.

 Crying is sometimes needed instead of trying to hold it in because crying cleanses the soul. Heck shout, scream go for a long run just don’t remain in a world of misery. Do not let your negative thoughts enslave you.

 Life is too beautiful for that if you just take a moment to really consider the good things no matter how small or unimportant those things are to others. I have no idea what you are experiencing so you may think HUH? Easy for you to say! Trust me, you would be surprised what life has thrown my way.  Yes,  it is easy for me to say be happy no matter the adversities you face,  since being happy is no longer an option for me it is MANDATORY!


I will be 42 next year and God knows time has flown by like a 1,000 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbirds. I remember telling myself that I am still young at the age of 23 so what’s the rush to “accomplish” anything or set goals?

Having someone teach me the importance of College or to become a functioning member of society was foreign to me. Trial and error was the only way for me to figure out what was important in life which kind of stinks when you have folks around you that could have warned you first.

All I needed was a little guidance and who knows where my life would be now? The past is exactly that. Now it is time to move on without any regrets. Nobody ever wants to talk about death but it’s inevitable.

Get it? We will all die at one point that means we have no time to waste. Being young or old does not determine when you will leave this earth so why gamble? Just do it! Set goals try to accomplish as much as possible. Realistic goals are easily attained start off small then set goals that you never dreamed you could accomplish and go for it! Fear is our worst enemy and failure isn’t always that bad because it gives you a second chance to do it right the next time.

Time is gone can’t get it back but if I could be 23 again the sky would have been the limit for me. It is very true that it’s never too late. But gee whiz don’t use that for an excuse to delay what you can do now.

I am Leaving You…huh?

Who exactly invented divorce? If the concept of having the “option” to leave your husband or wife never existed do you believe it would be natural to reverse what you once thought was the best thing ever? People get married for many reasons but mostly love right ?
I don’t think so buddy, at least not anymore. Good sex, security and financial gain is on top of the list. You got married for love? Ok, great not gonna debate that however that does not apply to everyone.
Let’s say Sean and Lisa got married for love but decided love didn’t live in their house anymore. Fine! People fall out of love but why? They simply forget the reason they fell in love in the first freaking place and get lazy with working on the relationship side of the marriage. Another issue is they bring others into the equation which screws things up in a major way (huge diversion). Oh my! Let’s not forget about telling people about your marital problems and receiving the worst advice ever!!!! Unless, your spouse is using you for a boxing bag or is verbally abusive, work your problems out amongst the TWO of you. The only other person you should involve is a marriage counselor or use whatever your religious system is to reinforce the vows you took. It’s a jungle out here so if you have a decent thing going better hold on to it. Only you know what’s best. Besides, if your spouse turns out to be a complete idiot when things get rough they pretty much were an idiot before you got married…hmmmm? That’s another post.

Hate Sucks!

When you know for certain not by what you were told that a person hates you for no apparent reason or for something you did to them BUT you have no idea what you have done…at the very least, that person should tell you what you did or better yet concentrate on loving themselves then they won’t have time nor the desire to hate anyone else. Before you decide to practice hate look in the mirror first. I wanted to hate someone for telling lies about me or breaking my heart. I was more hurt then anything.
I forgave them all and understood that people who hate and people who hurt others have not yet discovered love.

False Nails Gone Bad

There is nothing wrong with false nails if you keep them clean and at a reasonable length. Some are shaped like a sharp knife, super thick or look like they can be used as a mini shovel. The worst is when you see the dirt embedded under or stuck between where the false nail and real nail meet. The super long claws with those crazy flamboyant colors is a clear indicator of someone wanting to be “noticed”. My nail tech talked me into getting one finger dazzled up since all ten done up with a design would have made me dizzy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off that one obnoxious design that I went back the next day to have it removed. I wear active length solid colors and that works fine and keep my nails grime free. Besides how in the heck can you wash your personal parts or wipe your backside after a dump when you have claws for nails? Never mind I will make my own sandwich but thanks for offering.


I will admit there have been times being Black was embarrassing. The metro rides with the young kids shouting obscenities at each other and screaming at the white folks on the train made me want to kick all them in the buttocks until my foot came through their mouths!
If I spoke up would it have helped? No indeed, they would have all jumped on me and beat me to a pulp. Flip side of that, say I whipped their a** then charges as they are under age, would hunt me forever!
It gets worse, no matter how awful the heathens behave the parents will defend them!
I consider myself pretty tough BUT even I am afraid of my own people sometimes. I can only imagine how other races feel. I bite my tongue and pray that others will not categorize all of us because we are not all the same. You would think others would know this but racism still exist and stereotypes. Honestly, when you shout or even think in your mind “I hate n*ggers!” We do the same thing with as much conviction. But guess what ? N*ggers come in all colors!!!!
It’s not appearance it’s behavior.