Hurt People Need Prayer

When you are viciously attacked by the devil and this could be a mere human being who actually works for him. Never give into their tactics because it’s a test of your strength and character. We all are placed in circumstance that we may lash out and behave terribly and that’s ok!

 I have been there before myself asking, “Why did I do that, that’s not really me” or “I can’t believe I actually said that”, I even cried because I never knew I could be that mean to a person!  Never revisited that behavior again. If you are truly kind, loving, respectful and forgiving you must be this way under any circumstance.

Don’t be gullible or naïve just be still and quiet listen they may be telling you something about yourself you need to hear and change. Most of the time they are just miserable blood sucking, soul crushing devils who attempt to seek and destroy.

 I thank GOD that I am totally aware of who Patrice McCullough is, where I have been, where I am going and what I have become as a human being than as a woman.

 No weapons formed against me shall prosper! You know who always has my back!



Are You Hot or Not?

Always remember this, believe half of what you are told and question the half you believe. People tell you whatever you want to hear when they have an agenda. I see both men and women acting like they can walk on water because so many people have told them how cute, sexy, pretty, handsome, fine or beautiful they are.

 Understand this, there is always someone who looks better than you and this is not to say “compare” yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others is not healthy and really shows you are inferior because more than likely the person you are comparing yourself to isn’t thinking about you or your insecurities you deny having.

 If you actually waste your energy to “compare” yourself to another person to make yourself feel better you are actually extremely insecure. Funny how the most beautiful people are the most insecure and the people who are viewed by society as less attractive have the most confidence.

 However, put things into perspective and bringing your arrogance down a few notches so that you make a soft landing on confidence instead is good for the soul and everyone around you. What really matters is if you think you are ugly not that others think you are. Besides why should you care what others think about your appearance?

There is somebody for everybody. If you are insecure know that God does not make junk or mistakes and beauty starts within beauty can fade but confidence can last a lifetime.



Never let the fear of failure stop you from living your dreams. I have been guilty of allowing fear control my destiny on numerous occasions but not anymore!
I will meet failure when it arrives never opening the door to allow it in my life.
Opportunity is failure turned inside out. You have a chance to try again and again perfecting your approach until you get it right.
Failure isn’t as bad as it seems so keep it moving you can’t win all the time just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the world.
“You win some, you lose some” but you decide what you want to win.
Life would be boring and not worth the effort if you never had challenges!

Morning Blues

If you wake up angry with the world drop to your knees and pray about it. Don’t make others pay for your unhappiness.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself “why am I so miserable?” Once you find out the reason make the necessary changes to win your joy back.
The things you can’t change let it go and let Jesus handle it. Remember it’s a team effort. Change what you can and the change starts within.
The things that are out of your control is for Jesus to deal with. The way you respond and react to life’s trials and tribulations can either make or break you. Stand strong, keep smiling and most importantly you need daily prayer in your life.

Bad Morning?

I recall having several mornings that were full of chaos. I sat back and chuckled about it because I already knew it was all a test.
The way I responded made my tomorrow better. It’s amazing how much damage you can do to your life and a situation by reacting based on pure emotions. Just breathe, have a cup of water and take a short walk. Then return with a clear mind and handle your business! If you happen to be a person with road rage honeybee it’s so not worth it just chill out. Don’t die prematurely because you stress yourself out.


I am not an expert on human behavior nor have  I ever claimed to be. The following post is my personal opinion based on my personal experiences.

Why do people always make excuses for being a messed up individual? They blame their parents or curse the opposite sex for them being bitter or treating people like trash. I totally understand that people may develop psychological disorders as a result of something that occurred in their life that was devastating or hurtful. I am not insensitive to that fact however let’s be realistic.

 BUT who hasn’t experienced something traumatizing in their lifetime?

Oh please! Spare me that crap about “everybody isn’t as strong as you are”…You have no idea what I have experienced and it’s far too miserable and embarrassing to share.

Just know that whatever those situations that happened to me the average person would have committed suicide a long time ago!! I get it; people give up because they made that decision to throw in the towel. Not me! I only have one life fawk that! Not going to let anyone ruin my chance at living my LIFE. But, hey!! That’s just me…That’s how I do things can’t speak for everyone else.

 Of course! I have my sad moments that I hate my life and the people who contributed to my demise and unhappiness. I don’t stay in that funk very long…I shake that crap off and start eliminating the variables that caused the issues or PRAY them away.

 Whatever, so what, it happened and moving on was not an option for me. There was no choice unless I wanted to be a crazy psychotic bitch for the rest of my life.

 Many of us have far more strength than we give ourselves credit for. You get over what the heck you want to and you dwell on your past because you like being there, I guess? Life is too short to worry about some mess that happened decades ago or even weeks ago time to move on, let it go and allow your religious system to help you through or whatever you do just put it to rest already! Most importantly, watch the company you keep!



Good Deeds or Not?

You may be riding high on the horse now but remember that can change overnight.

While you are doing swell never look down on those who aren’t doing well. 

If someone asks for your help don’t ask questions because whatever they need the money for is between them and the Most High. You should not give/help then walk around with your chest stuck out bragging about what good deed you have done!

 Some people are deceitful users however; let them think they are manipulating you or that you are a gullible.

 In the end, YOU will receive your blessing for giving from the heart. Always remember, that when you give do not “expect” anything in return. Knowing that you did a good thing for a good cause should be reward enough.




“He’s too nice”

Nice guys don’t finish last don’t ever believe that nonsense.
You just ran into a female that allowed herself to be treated like a floor mat who has become accustomed to the type of Male (notice I did not use MAN ) that has no respect for the female species.
She has no self worth nor loves herself enough to recognize a good man when he’s standing in her face! So fellas, continue to be nice because one day God will bless you with a woman that is worthy. Leave the damaged goods alone. If you hear her say “he’s too nice” cut all communication off..that tramp is lost.

Move On Already!

If we spend our life having sex hoping for something to materialize with people from our past we will never find the love that the future holds for us.

Once time has passed you can’t hit the reverse button for a reason. We seem to forget why it never worked then we try again and again.

Time is a valuable commodity that you can’t purchase off of a shelf in the store. Why is it that we go through life as if we have eternity to screw up?

Because we believe that time is moving slow enough giving us more wiggle room…that’s so far from the truth we haven’t a moment to spare!