I am not an expert on human behavior nor have  I ever claimed to be. The following post is my personal opinion based on my personal experiences.

Why do people always make excuses for being a messed up individual? They blame their parents or curse the opposite sex for them being bitter or treating people like trash. I totally understand that people may develop psychological disorders as a result of something that occurred in their life that was devastating or hurtful. I am not insensitive to that fact however let’s be realistic.

 BUT who hasn’t experienced something traumatizing in their lifetime?

Oh please! Spare me that crap about “everybody isn’t as strong as you are”…You have no idea what I have experienced and it’s far too miserable and embarrassing to share.

Just know that whatever those situations that happened to me the average person would have committed suicide a long time ago!! I get it; people give up because they made that decision to throw in the towel. Not me! I only have one life fawk that! Not going to let anyone ruin my chance at living my LIFE. But, hey!! That’s just me…That’s how I do things can’t speak for everyone else.

 Of course! I have my sad moments that I hate my life and the people who contributed to my demise and unhappiness. I don’t stay in that funk very long…I shake that crap off and start eliminating the variables that caused the issues or PRAY them away.

 Whatever, so what, it happened and moving on was not an option for me. There was no choice unless I wanted to be a crazy psychotic bitch for the rest of my life.

 Many of us have far more strength than we give ourselves credit for. You get over what the heck you want to and you dwell on your past because you like being there, I guess? Life is too short to worry about some mess that happened decades ago or even weeks ago time to move on, let it go and allow your religious system to help you through or whatever you do just put it to rest already! Most importantly, watch the company you keep!



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