Are You Hot or Not?

Always remember this, believe half of what you are told and question the half you believe. People tell you whatever you want to hear when they have an agenda. I see both men and women acting like they can walk on water because so many people have told them how cute, sexy, pretty, handsome, fine or beautiful they are.

 Understand this, there is always someone who looks better than you and this is not to say “compare” yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others is not healthy and really shows you are inferior because more than likely the person you are comparing yourself to isn’t thinking about you or your insecurities you deny having.

 If you actually waste your energy to “compare” yourself to another person to make yourself feel better you are actually extremely insecure. Funny how the most beautiful people are the most insecure and the people who are viewed by society as less attractive have the most confidence.

 However, put things into perspective and bringing your arrogance down a few notches so that you make a soft landing on confidence instead is good for the soul and everyone around you. What really matters is if you think you are ugly not that others think you are. Besides why should you care what others think about your appearance?

There is somebody for everybody. If you are insecure know that God does not make junk or mistakes and beauty starts within beauty can fade but confidence can last a lifetime.


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