Hurt People Need Prayer

When you are viciously attacked by the devil and this could be a mere human being who actually works for him. Never give into their tactics because it’s a test of your strength and character. We all are placed in circumstance that we may lash out and behave terribly and that’s ok!

 I have been there before myself asking, “Why did I do that, that’s not really me” or “I can’t believe I actually said that”, I even cried because I never knew I could be that mean to a person!  Never revisited that behavior again. If you are truly kind, loving, respectful and forgiving you must be this way under any circumstance.

Don’t be gullible or naïve just be still and quiet listen they may be telling you something about yourself you need to hear and change. Most of the time they are just miserable blood sucking, soul crushing devils who attempt to seek and destroy.

 I thank GOD that I am totally aware of who Patrice McCullough is, where I have been, where I am going and what I have become as a human being than as a woman.

 No weapons formed against me shall prosper! You know who always has my back!



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