Does Size Matter??

Does it really matter if his penis is 5 inches verses 10 plus inches? Well, the average woman would say YES!

I can hear them shouting YESSSS! Size matters before taking into consideration that the most vaginas are 5-7 inches deep. For some women the vagina opening to the tip of their cervix is 3-4 inches when they are NOT aroused.

Now if we take in consideration how worn out their vagina walls are they may require a more plump penis that would be far better than a longer skinny penis.

Regardless of the size if the man can’t work what he has to please a woman big or small it’s a waste of time and leaves you with a wet bottom wondering what just happened.

You may be wondering what I prefer…hmmmm? I will never tell. Let’s just say it’s not the size of the ship it’s the motion of the ocean.

To be honest, when I hear my girlfriends talking about I like them big, fat and long it makes me look at them like some sort of big hello kitty slut whore.

But then I slap myself into reality and try not to JUDGE them because they like what they like. Some like to be gutted while others like to be handled like a virgin’s first time.

Bomb Sex Rules ?

Exactly how important is sex in a relationship? Most people place having great sex at the top of the list before having the ability to communicate and getting to know who your partner is (favorite color, foods, dislikes, HIV Test Results, family history etc.) before sexual intercourse. Many believe that good sex can fix any problem in a relationship when that’s far from the truth.

Most of the guys I dated in the past that “rocked my world” were not relationship material at all and never will be EVER! Why do I say this? They have discovered the power of their penis and how it can control a woman’s mind, body and soul when they are “skilled” with the act of turning you out very well to say the least. Oh boy! When they enjoy eating out the cookie jar it’s a done deal…

Mediocre sex will not make me get out of the bed and make you a sandwich. On the other hand bomb sex will make me fry some chicken, bake a cake and then some! Mediocre sex will allow you many privileges but not as many as someone that administers beyond great sex! Below par sex will afford you nothing but directions to the front door bye bye!

But wait don’t be so hasty! That guy who sucks in the bed will treat you like a freaking queen and will not CHEAT on you because he knows he lacks the ability to win you over sexually. King ding- dong will cheat on you faster than the speed of light and some of you will accept it if you are getting what you want out of the deal.

For those who have the guy who treats you like a Queen, will not CHEAT on you and has great sex you better NEVER let him go because that is RARE! Men who usually love to have sex can’t commit to just one woman especially if her sex drive is not as robust as his. He may love her to death but will seek others to quench his thirst unless she steps up her game things will never change.

Everyone loves fabulous sex but in some way we sacrifice something in order to gain the pleasure of having the perfect sexual mate. Funny how we marry someone because the sex was confused for love then one day you wake up to find out you can’t stand their guts. Even after the divorce depending on how great the sex is you still can’t get enough but you still hate their guts…That is crazy and yes it happens all the time to many people!

So, exactly how important is fabulous sex to you? Are you willing to sacrifice how you are treated in the relationship in order to gain good sex verses respect and loyalty? You like fighting and arguing just so you can have make up sex? That gets old by the way…
Now you decide…because no matter how much he sucks in bed or how great he is in the end what matters is his heart and how he treats you. Once love takes over the sex will be wonderful simply because its two people in love not just some dude banging you out.

Sex clouds your judgement so sometimes its better to step back and chill once you have found out what they are working with. Take time to get to know them for a month or two then have sex again…Today we want to TEST the goodies to find out if its worth hanging around.
But when you are together and all you hear is heavy breathing and grunting you may want to reevaluate things.

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Becoming ... A Doctor?


Word of advice… never, ever, ever enter a doctoral program unless you have a great foundation and ways to bring yourself up after a GREAT deal of criticism. This is just the first page of my first stab at the very elementary beginnings of a literature review. It gets worse. I made a B- on it, which actually felt pretty good, but then I got the hard copy back this weekend. Wow. In fact, its the one thing that everyone that’s done this has told me to expect.

The student in me appreciates it, will learn from it and grow from it. The insecure child in me wants to cry. And the stubborn, cynical brat in me wants to scream, “Who cares about APA?!”

Seriously, I do have a hard time with criticism. While I will take blame in a second, even if its not my fault, taking criticism is…

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Urine on the Toliet Seat?

I realize that when you use a public restroom there are certain things that may occur that we have no control over. However, as a courtesy it would be nice if women would stop being nasty and lazy by pissing all over the seat. I am not interested in placing my bottom on the toilet seat trust me BUT the idea of someone’s piss all over the seat squatting or not makes me ill.

Take a tissue and wipe your non-drinking water mellow yellow looking piss off the seat you heifer! Please flush when you take a dump as well because nobody wants to see you logs floating in the water you nasty heifer. PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU LEAVE…SO MANY WOMEN FINISH THEIR BUSINESS AND JET RIGHT OUT THE RESTROOM.

Passing gas is natural however do you really think I didn’t hear that big azz fart? I have done it before myself but I always say excuse me as a courtesy but hey that’s just me.

Lastly, you know if you left blood behind on the toilet because the red contrast against the white on the seat so why would you leave your diseased dirty period blood on the seat?

Seriously, you have some issues and need to get yourself together mentally.

Anytime you do any of the above and then some mentioned “YOU” are a certified NASTY TRIFLING B*TCH!

You should be happy nigger!

Top Executives earning OVER $200,000 cut the salaries of their employees that don’t make a fraction of what the Executives make.
How could a person with a soul do that to another person that makes peanuts in the middle of this ugly economic downturn?
Why not cut back their fat greedy paycheck? God has always made a way out of no way for me…I have made something from nothing all my life.
Having a degree and years of experience seems to have NOT delivered what my parents promised.
Being professional, well-spoken and having the ability to exceed expectations on the job means nothing in Corporate America unless you are a token nigger. Yes! I said it.
Thank goodness for Affirmative Action or I wouldn’t have a half decent job.
I am not playing the race card but it’s hard for me to accept the theory that if you work hard you will succeed when you are surrounded by egotistical, racist people who think you should be lucky to have a job.
I want to believe that we have made some progress but we haven’t in so many ways.
Black Man in the White House just made the type I mentioned above ANGRY! How dare that nigger think he can live where I live and drive the same car I drive if not better!
Our salaries dictate the area we live in and if we were paid what we are actually worth MANY would live next door to our colleagues who made above average salaries not necessarily 300K but decent salaries that allowed you to be comfy.
How can a person of a different race make more money than I do when we have the exact qualifications education included?
Something doesn’t seem right.
People talk not realizing the information they have just shared put a dagger in my spirit that once believed we all have a fair chance in this world no matter your race.
I have visited the restroom stall where I had to fight back the loud whales of my cries.
Tears rolling uncontrollably down my face asking God why is the world so stupid!
This woman told me once on the job “Patrice, you have a critical job so you have no worries of being laid off”. I replied, “Really, a critical job but my salary doesn’t reflect that.”
I realize more than ever that if I want to succeed my only option is to start a business of some sort.
There are a few ideas that linger in mind that could become profitable.
Fear keeps me from taking the plunge. Until, then I will continue to be used and abused. One day all this will become old. I will visit the stall one last time shedding tears for the last time. Being strong has no place in Corporate America when you are a Black Female unless you want to become unemployed.
It really hurts to contribute to a company and made to feel you are worthless. Stay in your place nigger, shut up, do your job and you better not ask for more money. Just keep smiling or we may think you are not happy or have a “bad attitude” when you should be happy we allow you to work with us.

Time Waits for Nobody…

Life keeps moving never at a standstill…you have to somehow establish your own world to find yourself in this universe.
The people you surround yourself with give you a purpose more than you are willing to accept.
If you spoke and nobody heard the words coming out of your mouth leaving you feeling totally ignored you would go insane.
What makes us matter in this world? What is our purpose? Do we actually have a purpose?
We haven’t much time to waste being angry and evil towards each other over nonsense otherwise you waste precious time that could be used in a more positive way.
Give more hugs share your smile and don’t be afraid to tell people you care about them.
There’s nothing worse than feeling alone and like nobody loves you. We all need to be told that we are loved and matter.

No Love Lost

I realize now more than ever that time will not wait for me. There are some decisions that I must make or live to regret being stagnant for the rest of my life.

I am blessed to have my two beautiful daughters who are decent, intelligent human beings that give me a reason to live.

There are some people who are happy just wasting time procrastinating on making things happen that need to be left behind.

I haven’t made huge sacrifices for a man except for my children and never will. However, I have lowered my standards to give a Man an excuse to remain in my life and it’s something I am not proud of at all.

My future is right in front of me and I see it so clearly and it shows me standing alone tall and proud on a mountain of success with God by my side. The burden on my heart is telling me that time is needed to be alone in order to accomplish what is planned for me.

Having a person to just exist in my life is not good enough for me anymore. We both need to be goal oriented and building together. Don’t watch me as I climb the ladder of success grab a ladder and climb alongside with me.

Love alone in this world today will not help a relationship survive.

Why Are People Still Stinking?

There are far too many products if soap and water isn’t working for you to eliminate body odors. However, you should never appply perfumes etc. without first using soap and water.

If your feet stink you need to soak them in some bleach water with suds. There are some people who think when you shower and take a bath that you don’t need to wash and scrub between your toes and/or wash your entire foot.

Just letting the water hit them is NOT enough. You also have to clean under your toe nail and keep them trimmed nicely no need to have claws.

Now, if I can smell your feet through your shoes or your vagina through your pants you think that’s ok? Funny, how we can identify funk and the body part the stench is coming from on a person BUT sometimes there is a mixture that it confuses the hell out of you that’s when it’s just STANK! Foot, ARSE & Hello Kitty stinking at once you need to go kill yourself!

I understand that we may eat certain foods (garlic) that may contribute to stinky breath…ok but what if you aren’t eating garlic and onions? You could be a walking garbage can and not even know it…what you eat(meat and bad diet) can make your breath a living nightmare! The aroma could be coming from your insides through your mouth…eat veggies drink water and make sure you are deficating 2-3 times a day.

Nobody wants to talk about these issues and find it gross but you know what’s really gross? You walking around stinking from head to toe!!!!

Stinky weaves and braids are NOT cute you stupid hiefer! Wash your hair, brush and floss your teeth, take showers and baths EVERYDAY no skipping…This goes for GUYS too! Soak your jewels just as well as ladies who should soak that hello kitty…no excuses please.

If you find that soap and water does not do the the trick visit a doctor to get to the root of the problem. That is all for today.