I Care About You!

LOVE transcends all…it’s amazing how you can care for someone on Facebook and never met them in person but somehow you form a bond.
Emotions are powerful and proves you don’t have to be in the physical to care for each other.
That’s what the most high wants us to do. Love everyone no matter if your blood runs through their veins. We are all family even those we frown upon when we shouldn’t.
It’s ok to care for a complete stranger that’s what humanity is all about. I love you and care if you are hurt and that doesn’t make me a weirdo!

4 thoughts on “I Care About You!

  1. Patrice,I truly do have feeling,real feelings for you and really care about you.You have brought happiness into my life and to lose you as a friend would devastate me.You are the reason I get on Facebook to read your post and interact with you. I truly love you Patrice and I’m not afraid to tell you or show you. Iam very protective of my real friends,so please forgive me, if I have ever caused you any embarrssment. You are my heart Patrice and I love you.


    • It’s all good! Everyone steps out of character once in a while. No hard feelings bro no love lost. Life is tooooo short…besides if I didn’t forgive you that would mean I have never sinned or did anything wrong LMBO! I am so BAD!!!


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