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Becoming ... A Doctor?


Word of advice… never, ever, ever enter a doctoral program unless you have a great foundation and ways to bring yourself up after a GREAT deal of criticism. This is just the first page of my first stab at the very elementary beginnings of a literature review. It gets worse. I made a B- on it, which actually felt pretty good, but then I got the hard copy back this weekend. Wow. In fact, its the one thing that everyone that’s done this has told me to expect.

The student in me appreciates it, will learn from it and grow from it. The insecure child in me wants to cry. And the stubborn, cynical brat in me wants to scream, “Who cares about APA?!”

Seriously, I do have a hard time with criticism. While I will take blame in a second, even if its not my fault, taking criticism is…

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