Urine on the Toliet Seat?

I realize that when you use a public restroom there are certain things that may occur that we have no control over. However, as a courtesy it would be nice if women would stop being nasty and lazy by pissing all over the seat. I am not interested in placing my bottom on the toilet seat trust me BUT the idea of someone’s piss all over the seat squatting or not makes me ill.

Take a tissue and wipe your non-drinking water mellow yellow looking piss off the seat you heifer! Please flush when you take a dump as well because nobody wants to see you logs floating in the water you nasty heifer. PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU LEAVE…SO MANY WOMEN FINISH THEIR BUSINESS AND JET RIGHT OUT THE RESTROOM.

Passing gas is natural however do you really think I didn’t hear that big azz fart? I have done it before myself but I always say excuse me as a courtesy but hey that’s just me.

Lastly, you know if you left blood behind on the toilet because the red contrast against the white on the seat so why would you leave your diseased dirty period blood on the seat?

Seriously, you have some issues and need to get yourself together mentally.

Anytime you do any of the above and then some mentioned “YOU” are a certified NASTY TRIFLING B*TCH!

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