Bomb Sex Rules ?

Exactly how important is sex in a relationship? Most people place having great sex at the top of the list before having the ability to communicate and getting to know who your partner is (favorite color, foods, dislikes, HIV Test Results, family history etc.) before sexual intercourse. Many believe that good sex can fix any problem in a relationship when that’s far from the truth.

Most of the guys I dated in the past that “rocked my world” were not relationship material at all and never will be EVER! Why do I say this? They have discovered the power of their penis and how it can control a woman’s mind, body and soul when they are “skilled” with the act of turning you out very well to say the least. Oh boy! When they enjoy eating out the cookie jar it’s a done deal…

Mediocre sex will not make me get out of the bed and make you a sandwich. On the other hand bomb sex will make me fry some chicken, bake a cake and then some! Mediocre sex will allow you many privileges but not as many as someone that administers beyond great sex! Below par sex will afford you nothing but directions to the front door bye bye!

But wait don’t be so hasty! That guy who sucks in the bed will treat you like a freaking queen and will not CHEAT on you because he knows he lacks the ability to win you over sexually. King ding- dong will cheat on you faster than the speed of light and some of you will accept it if you are getting what you want out of the deal.

For those who have the guy who treats you like a Queen, will not CHEAT on you and has great sex you better NEVER let him go because that is RARE! Men who usually love to have sex can’t commit to just one woman especially if her sex drive is not as robust as his. He may love her to death but will seek others to quench his thirst unless she steps up her game things will never change.

Everyone loves fabulous sex but in some way we sacrifice something in order to gain the pleasure of having the perfect sexual mate. Funny how we marry someone because the sex was confused for love then one day you wake up to find out you can’t stand their guts. Even after the divorce depending on how great the sex is you still can’t get enough but you still hate their guts…That is crazy and yes it happens all the time to many people!

So, exactly how important is fabulous sex to you? Are you willing to sacrifice how you are treated in the relationship in order to gain good sex verses respect and loyalty? You like fighting and arguing just so you can have make up sex? That gets old by the way…
Now you decide…because no matter how much he sucks in bed or how great he is in the end what matters is his heart and how he treats you. Once love takes over the sex will be wonderful simply because its two people in love not just some dude banging you out.

Sex clouds your judgement so sometimes its better to step back and chill once you have found out what they are working with. Take time to get to know them for a month or two then have sex again…Today we want to TEST the goodies to find out if its worth hanging around.
But when you are together and all you hear is heavy breathing and grunting you may want to reevaluate things.

12 thoughts on “Bomb Sex Rules ?

  1. Great post and real talk.Love and loyalty are not valued anymore,everybody is humping just to get that quick satisfaction, dont get me wrong sex is awesome,but is that satisfaction worth your dignity,respect and possiblely your life?


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