No Love Lost

I realize now more than ever that time will not wait for me. There are some decisions that I must make or live to regret being stagnant for the rest of my life.

I am blessed to have my two beautiful daughters who are decent, intelligent human beings that give me a reason to live.

There are some people who are happy just wasting time procrastinating on making things happen that need to be left behind.

I haven’t made huge sacrifices for a man except for my children and never will. However, I have lowered my standards to give a Man an excuse to remain in my life and it’s something I am not proud of at all.

My future is right in front of me and I see it so clearly and it shows me standing alone tall and proud on a mountain of success with God by my side. The burden on my heart is telling me that time is needed to be alone in order to accomplish what is planned for me.

Having a person to just exist in my life is not good enough for me anymore. We both need to be goal oriented and building together. Don’t watch me as I climb the ladder of success grab a ladder and climb alongside with me.

Love alone in this world today will not help a relationship survive.

Why Are People Still Stinking?

There are far too many products if soap and water isn’t working for you to eliminate body odors. However, you should never appply perfumes etc. without first using soap and water.

If your feet stink you need to soak them in some bleach water with suds. There are some people who think when you shower and take a bath that you don’t need to wash and scrub between your toes and/or wash your entire foot.

Just letting the water hit them is NOT enough. You also have to clean under your toe nail and keep them trimmed nicely no need to have claws.

Now, if I can smell your feet through your shoes or your vagina through your pants you think that’s ok? Funny, how we can identify funk and the body part the stench is coming from on a person BUT sometimes there is a mixture that it confuses the hell out of you that’s when it’s just STANK! Foot, ARSE & Hello Kitty stinking at once you need to go kill yourself!

I understand that we may eat certain foods (garlic) that may contribute to stinky breath…ok but what if you aren’t eating garlic and onions? You could be a walking garbage can and not even know it…what you eat(meat and bad diet) can make your breath a living nightmare! The aroma could be coming from your insides through your mouth…eat veggies drink water and make sure you are deficating 2-3 times a day.

Nobody wants to talk about these issues and find it gross but you know what’s really gross? You walking around stinking from head to toe!!!!

Stinky weaves and braids are NOT cute you stupid hiefer! Wash your hair, brush and floss your teeth, take showers and baths EVERYDAY no skipping…This goes for GUYS too! Soak your jewels just as well as ladies who should soak that hello kitty…no excuses please.

If you find that soap and water does not do the the trick visit a doctor to get to the root of the problem. That is all for today.

Bad Luck or Bad Attitude?

I have the luck of the Irish more often than not.
My attitude towards my daily obstacles allow me to rise above those hurdles.
Instead of becoming frustrated my proactive mindset takes over immediately.
“Attitude is Everything”
I must admit there are days I want to scream “why me!?
But I realize that will never be revealed to me.
Instead I ask myself “what can I do to get out of this pickle?”

I Care About You!

LOVE transcends all…it’s amazing how you can care for someone on Facebook and never met them in person but somehow you form a bond.
Emotions are powerful and proves you don’t have to be in the physical to care for each other.
That’s what the most high wants us to do. Love everyone no matter if your blood runs through their veins. We are all family even those we frown upon when we shouldn’t.
It’s ok to care for a complete stranger that’s what humanity is all about. I love you and care if you are hurt and that doesn’t make me a weirdo!

Who Made You Angry?!

Redirected anger is like a cancer that eats away at the very core of your happiness. Find out the root of the problem and stop being angry with the world. When you find yourself frowning more than smiling you have to figure things out fast. I understand that just because you aren’t smiling doesn’t mean you are miserable. But when your heart is filled with joy you have no control over that smile reflex!

It becomes an illness when you constantly lash out towards individuals who never meant you any harm. ~Patrice