Love 4 Rent

I love you is so easy to say but you know it’s true love when you are shown through actions.
A thousand I love you’s mean nothing when you can look into a persons eyes and feel the love when they hold your hand.
When they show a genuine concern about you and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. A person that respects love and your time will make you their wife and it won’t take several years.
Time is life’s most valuable commodity and your heart isn’t a playground.
Love has no excuses with one foot in the door and the other in position to walk out the door. Love does not have you pretending to be the wife of a man who will never marry you.
Never be despearate to be marrried just know deep in your heart that its the right thing to do or maybe you shouldn’t be with that person.
I just figure that if you waste your time with a person who does not want to be your one and only you could be missing out on your future husband waiting out there for you.
Kinda like baking a cake but the oven doesn’t work.

3 thoughts on “Love 4 Rent

  1. Spoke with true wisdom. Love is a very powerful word,that’s why some use it,but when it comes time to show how much that person loves you,they fall short in their actions, if there’s any action at all.


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