Sex Can Wait

As you get older you grow tired of the games guys play just to get in your pants. Dating can be scary besides who wants to kiss someone with herpes?
You just want someone that is honest and will wait for you no matter how long it takes (within reason of course!) and not rush you into sex. Waiting for STD Panel and HIV results isn’t a bad idea and not intrusive when you are putting your clean bill of health at risk.
I wish it were as simple as wearing a condom but it’s not.
If a person really adores you they would never bring up sex in conversations because they are really that into you!
Don’t get me wrong they want to jump your bones and that’s natural but it’s not a priority like it is to MOST. Women want to give themselves but when they feel the time is right.
We may even participate in the sexual conversation etc. while in the back of our minds we are thinking it’s not even two weeks and this dude is talking about having sex with me.
Maybe when they start selling canned hello kitty on the shelves they will calm down because its really unbecoming to appear as being THIRSTY!
I will admit having sex too early in the game has resulted in major disappointment afterwards. It’s like the blinders are off and you can finally see the real person not the person they pretended to be in order to conquer you.
I just really believe no matter how Horney or attracted you are to a person holding out for a while is best in the end.
Sex clouds your ability to make rational decisions especially when the sex is awesome!
Find out if you actually like the person at the very least minus your over active hormones.
Time will not reveal all but waiting will give you a pretty good idea of what you are dealing with.
You simply need more than sex to build a foundation that will lead to a beautiful long lasting relationship.
Things won’t always be perfect but knowing you are friends will allow you to resolve just about any issue.
It’s just so risky in many ways that you need to protect yourself in all areas.

11 thoughts on “Sex Can Wait

  1. LOL @ ending. You are so correct,bomb sex will blind you and keep you from seeing things as they are. Waiting is the BEST thing to do, get to know the person,see how they act and if he/she is talking about sex and you haven’t even been talking for 2 weeks yet,then you know already what they want and possibly know that you are not the only one their sexing and that their probably NASTY!


  2. The different attitude men and women have to sex is written into our genes and for good reason. We sit at the pinicle of the animal kingdom. The price we pay for that predominance is that we have incredibly vulnerable babies, pregnant and nursing females. Our defence against this weakness is the bond (call it love, if you will) between sexual partners. We’re supposed to try to spread our seed far and wide; your supposed to demand commitment. It’s a big contributor to why we’re the most successful species on the planet.


  3. Great Blog P. That’s exactly how I feel. It trips me out how some women thrown themselves at me & I’m like wait. I must be old fashioned, because I feel sec can wait. Lets take our time & get to know eachother. I mean if sex is all you want then that’s cool. But you have the wrong guy. That’s not me.


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