Dating & Money!

Women who expect a man to take care of them 100% is complete nonsense while you sit on your arse doing nothing. Clean up the house, cook do something!
If you do expect a man to support you 100% do not be upset if a man requires the same.
Being lazy and greedy has nothing to do with whether you are a female or male.
Nobody that has good sense wants to be involved with a broke, lazy, greedy bum who constantly has their hands out in the palm up position.
It does not have to be 50/50 but don’t expect the man to do everything alone just because you spread your wings.
80/20 works for me!
If a man CHOOSES to be your sole provider by all means allow him! Just treat the man out to dinner and OFFER to help sometimes.

6 thoughts on “Dating & Money!

  1. There are no correct answers on this one. It is amazing the “fit” that some couples seem to have together. Some seem incredibly one-sided. In the final analysis, if it works……….


  2. …and in my world too. But how do you calculate what’s fair? Does fifteen iron shirts equal ten cooked dinners equal three mowed lawns equal inviting one mother-in-law for dinner? Unless you can agree the “rates of exchange”, nothing is fair. Throw sex into the mix and it defies all reason. 😉


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