Master of Lies

I will never be able to accept nor understand why people take on the reputation of being a big fat liar.
They have become so accustomed to telling lies they start to believe the untruths that drip from their mouths.

They have become the master of lies having the ability to steal your heart to only reek havoc in your happy life.

The lies start off small then become a nuisance because your intuitive spark tells you “that’s a freaking lie!” But instead you nod your head in an agreeable manner ignoring all the signs.

Every word spoken is in slow motion while you pick apart every story ever told until you finish the puzzle of lies.

What now? Do you call them out?
They are saying all the things you want to hear but if they are all lies they are using your mind to play checkers.

The entire time you were playing the game of truth or dare rolling dice with every conversation.

As a teenager they thought it was amusing to experience the reaction and facial expressions from the elaborate lies they told innocent victims.

As adults they are now “The Master of Lies”.

Changes in You.

People tend to ask themselves why individuals change towards them or why they are suddenly treated differently.

The answer to your question is in the mirror you stand in front of every morning hardly making eye contact with the reflection to the windows to your soul that scream out you have changed!

When you realize you are repeating the same behavior/actions that lead you to the same road that results in pain time to change.

Many of our issues start within we just need to take responsibility for the role we play.

However, that change could be good allowing those who meant you no good to retreat.

That’s the whole idea …you must know when that change in you is for the best just open your eyes so you can see the big picture.