“I love you BUT, I love myself more”

After years of observation, personal experience and listening to people pour their hearts out has enlightened me on matters of the heart.

The most disheartening revelation is many people are constantly looking for someone else to love them rather than loving themselves first and end up with a broken heart.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to really be in love with who you are. When you look in the mirror you should be smiling. If you aren’t then correct it by seeking a religious system or whatever it takes to seek
self-awareness and self-love.

I actually believe that people can detect it when a person basically is unhappy with whom they are and don’t love themselves. Some have this needy look in their eyes or are clingy and that can push folks away or allow them an opportunity to go in for the kill. Seekers and destroyers are folks who look for weak individuals who depend on others for their happiness and will crush you like an insect when they get tired of you.

Be independent and love yourself then you will attract others that will love you as well.
In order for a person to mistreat, abuse and misuse us means would mean we have no self-esteem and love everyone else but ourselves.

No bones about it, the first person that tries to walk over you and take you for granted you would tell them to kiss where he sun don’t shine and remove yourself immediately.

Being fed up does not mean you never loved that idiot it’s just that you love yourself more. Learn how to say, “I love you but I love myself more”. Never allow anyone to hurt you when you have a choice. Keep your eyes open, take your heart with you but don’t forget your brain.

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