Your standards may be unrealistic…hmmmm?

The person we should be with is never chosen on purpose it just happens that way. We just have to let it happen and not fight it. He’s too short, she’s too fat, he doesn’t make enough money, she’s boring or he’s a fashion disaster.

In most cases,the man or woman pursues the other based purely on the physcial attraction which turns into a “sexual” realtionship.
Wait a minute, I amost forgot they are also chosen based on how deep their pockets are even if they look like Freddy Krueger! Money is traded for actually being in love and is like a disease nowdays.

There may be some things about the person you may think you can’t live with but in reality you are no better! More than likely you need to be concerned with correcting your shortcomings

We all fall short in a few areas no matter how perfect we believe we are.
Stop looking for perfection especially when you are far from it. Never believe you can change a person. Either accept them for who they are or keep it moving besides shouldn’t you be falling in love with who you met anyway?

There aren’t too many tootsie (everything rolled up into one) rolls out here so just work with what you have in front of you. People either change for the best or worst. People also either improve or become stagnant. These two observations reflect in both relationships and in life.

People aren’t that hard to figure out once you determine whether they are actually being themselves or are pretending to be God knows who. Look at their heart but never fall in love with their “potential” because they may never reach their full potential. Love who they are now!

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