This is a sad story told with a sense of terrific humor. I am so proud of her for not allowing what she experienced to keep her down!!!

Starting Life From Scratch After 50



I think I need to write this piece more for myself than for anything else. When we are left, when we are not wanted, when we are told it just isn’t working out anymore, even when you see it isn’t working anymore and so you go your separate ways…those ol’ wheels in that noggin (or however you spell it) start to turning and you may start to thinking and questioning yourself. Hopefully you are not like me. Let me tell you a little secret about myself. During my downfall of my marriage…ha which was the entire time…I spent A LOT of time in the mirror. Looking. I would yo-yo. I would put on that make-up like I was auditioning for Ringling Brothers. When he cheated I looked even harder in the mirror. See I didn’t see it as a character flaw in him, that…

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  1. Wow I don’t know what reblog means but I think it is a compliment? I am very new to this blogging thing I have a doctorate in Pain 101. Have studied for 30 years. Thank you so much

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