Fame & Success!

We all want to believe that success and fame can be achieved.
The only issue is we tend to want to achieve success and/or fame based on other individuals. Use others as a marker or to motivate you but never think you have failed if you don’t measure up to what others have achieved.
Their success story isn’t yours we all are destined to have our very own success story.
You can be a successful garbage man simply because you have remained gainfully employed, provide for your family and make lots of people happy removing their stinky trash.
Being rich isn’t always about what you have in your bank account.
Being famous doesn’t mean you have to sell a million records and appear on television.
You can become famous for feeding the hungry, showing humanity, having integrity or just by being true to yourself.
The only person besides yourself that should be measuring your success is Jesus. Become famous in his eyes never mind what the world decides on what it takes to be famous.
No matter how much money you have you can’t buy your way into heaven.
All those worldly things that you worked so hard for neglecting your family and even your health will remain here on earth.
Think about that for a minute. Life can be simple and happy at the same time! Provide yourself with what you need more often than what you want. Invest in your family by giving them love and your TIME!
We all can achieve both success and fame but that depends on what you believe really matters.

11 thoughts on “Fame & Success!

  1. You just gave me good chills! I appreciate your feedback and thank you so much for sharing your story. I love to write about LIFE…there are so many people who are experiencing exactly what you wrote or moving pass the BAD. I have so much to say and share with the world that must know that everything will be OK in time! Hang in there buddy 🙂


      • I love your Blog and had to support a friend! I also agree that although many of us are aware of what the right action is for ourselves, but when faced with a situation it is hard to discern what is really going on in the underlying dynamics whether consciously or subconsciously, and lose all objectively. It does help to be directed to perspectives and advise that help us see and evaluate the whole situation and ourselves as it really is, and not as an illusion that someone else has painted for us, or even worse, the distorted picture which we have painted of ourselves. Love You Girl!


  2. Just remember to put god first in everything you do, go To him for the big things as well the small this and continue to give him praise and he will continue to bless you and he will put people in your past that will help you achieve your goals just remember what’s for YOU IS FOR YOU


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