Sense of Entitlement

Sense of entitlement can be destructive in any relationship.
When you honestly believe that people owe you something or are supposed to do certain things can become problematic.
Unless your partner is a mind reader you pretty much can expect your “expectations” to not be fulfilled.
They may have dated someone previously that was perfectly fine with them not cooking, opening the car door , not giving them a few bucks or just simply being an arse.
Some folks are high maintenance emotionally whereas some aren’t.
Basically, you have to ask for what you want and lay the law in the beginning. Once you have communicated your needs cool but don’t think the other party will deliver especially if they feel you have the sense of entitlement attitude.
Most become resistant or rebellious when they are pressured to do things or behave a certain when it’s totally not who they are.
Let’s face it, people do nice things expecting some type of reciprocation, blessings or SEX.
When you invest your money wouldn’t you expect a return on that investment?
You will hear a person say they did it from their heart which is hogwash.
People who do things from their heart don’t broadcast it.
People in relationships are infamous at keeping a tally of how much they have done for their partner/friend.
We must realize that everyone won’t think like us, love like us or give like us!
When you expect anything in return you set yourself up for disappointment.
Anything you receive extra is a plus so just chill out and continue to be you.
If you find that the individual is taking advantage of your kindness and generosity don’t become angry discuss your dissatisfaction with their lack of appreciation.
Some folks do things out of love and just want to be shown love in return. The problem with that is we can only hope that the other individual actually loves you back.
Things can get complicated in any situation dealing with a person that feels you are supposed to do certain things.
The amusing part of it all is what is expected is almost always never communicated!
Lastly, the world owes you nada so get over yourself and get your own everything.
The day you stop depending on others is the day you are free to be happy so what if people call you selfish occasionally.

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