My Baby is Growing Up…

This morning I drove up next to my baby girl who is now driving and noticed she was looking down in her lap. I figured she was looking at her phone perhaps texting? She never noticed my car next to her at the red light.

I wanted to roll my window down, didn’t think to blow my horn or call to get her attention before the light turned green. She drove off pretty fast and my motherly fears came down on me hard. I did manage to send her a text asking her to put down the phone while driving praying she took heed to the warning. I watched her drive away until I couldn’t see her anymore as she veered off to the right taking the beltway.

My baby is all grown up now and itโ€™s hard to let her go and not worry so much. I used to say that everybody thinks that their child is beautiful and perfect because they created (with God’s Help) them…but she is really beautiful and perfect. As I examine her little cute features and observe her behavior she is my little Master Piece.

What Regina doesn’t understand is that I am not trying to be a control freak or boss her around when she’s not in my presence itโ€™s just that I CARE. I love her far too much to have her be hurt because of text messaging. If she only knew that my world would cease to exist if anything happened to her. This child was born a bundle of joy and love from the start. I am so happy that God blessed me with such a wonderful beautiful child.

My children are the ONLY reason why I want to continue to walk on this earth and without them I have no other purpose until God reveals it to me. I yell at her, we argue but she knows that I love her. Last night, I told her to get out of my room and now that I think about it she only wanted to be around her Mommy.

She may be growing up but she will always be my baby.

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