Not everyone deserves your love…

You know when you meet someone and after the first couple of dates if they are someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Sounds crazy but its true unless you are more focused on being a man or woman of the world and love doesn’t matter to you.

It is very possible to fall in love with someone within an hour of meeting them.
More realistic to say it takes months or years for love to de…velop but if your heart feels it you can’t deny it no matter how hard you try to fight it.

Your spirit longs to be with them and you are compatible in every way becoming one mentally and sexually.

You make each other laugh and when you touch it’s electrifying and they become a force in your life that you need like the air you breathe. This is dangerous if the other person doesn’t feel the same about you!

Never settle when you know you are a diamond.
Even if it hurts sometimes you have to let go to save yourself the intense pain you will experience if you prolong the inevitable.

Your heart and your emotions (lust) can take control of your ability to make a rational decision that can lead to a road of emotional destruction.

Save yourself the agony and pain for something that is temporary for pain that is long term. The sooner you remove yourself from a going to nowhere situation the faster your heart will heal.


It’s difficult to not assume but the best way to find the answer to your question is to simply ask.
If only they would tell the truth but sometimes deep down we really don’t want to hear the truth.

We believe that our assumptions hold more truths than the answer we will receive from asking for the real truth. The truth can sting and hurt but you have to embrace it…

Our imgainations get carried away and we bring those thoughts to LIFE.
Most people will lie to protect your feelings but what they fail to understand is that once the truth is revealed involuntarily you will crush that person’s spirit which is far worse than hurt feelings.

Lying to someone when they trust, care, love or are developing feelings for you is the ultimate betrayal when they let you into their life and open their heart.

Easier said than done but it is so much better to just tell the truth! That way you can move on with your life and allow the other person to be with someone that really does care about them.
If you must lie to keep someone around that’s just not right.

Love Should Not Hurt…

If a relationship is painful and you have to constantly struggle with keeping it alive then you are wasting not only your time but theirs as well.

I never understood why people feel like they have to cry, fight, scream and hurt in order to have a meaningful relationship. I often hear people say, “We have a history” ok, that’s great but how good is that history?

If they don’t hit you, call you dreadful names or act like a jealous manic they don’t care?

Far from the truth, it’s the exact opposite. People who love you will set you free because they realize you are not property and will respect your decision to end the unhealthy relationship.

It is impossible to not have disagreements and become angry with your partner. However, the way you resolve your issues is when the real test comes into play. Love shouldn’t hurt and it surly should not drain your spirit.

Love is holding your best friend’s hand waking up every morning to warm smiles thinking of how you can make each other happier. Love is a 50/50 spilt and if you aren’t there in the beginning work towards it. You need someone that will at the minimum meet you half way. There should never be only person putting in all the work while building a relationship.

Love is respect, loyalty and admiration as well as humbling in a sense that it has become a rarity these days.

Love should be easy and sweet taking you to a place that is pure euphoria detaching you from reality so much that you have to pull each other back.

Love does not ask questions it just exists and blossoms each day with a foundation that no man can destroy.

What Makes You Pretty?

You are beautiful and smart with so many things that set you apart.
There will always be someone prettier or smarter than you are based on a person’s standards that don’t really matter.

What matters is if you think you are prettier or smarter than the next and you should NEVER compare yourself to others EVER!

You are unique; there is only one of you so refuse to be a copy!
People are mean and will call you ugly because they are shallow and rotten in the inside. Your spirit is what makes you beautiful…your strength, character and confidence makes you attractive.

Don’t allow society to dictate to your reflection what true beauty is…its how you feel about yourself and how you treat others is what makes you pretty.

You Are Not Worthless!

Never be an option in someone’s life. If a person does not appreciate you they don’t need you nor do they deserve you. One day, and it may be many years from now they will realize that they lost out on the best thing that EVER happened to them.

Know your worth. We should never allow anyone to use us but we do simply because we gain something as well.

When feelings get involved that’s when you have a problem. Know when to walk away especially if you know that there is no future you are just temporary. It’s not fun being part of a heavy rotation.

Show No Mercy, Get No Mercy!

Forgiving someone does not make you weak.

Forgiving shows you understand that human nature is flawed to the point that we cause anguish having no regrets at that moment or remorse. We all are guilty of hurting someone whether it was intentionally or not.

You may have cared that you hurt them and then again you felt like they deserved it. Honestly, not a soul alive deserves to be hurt. Unless, you know the root of their troubles and what has shaped them into this awful cold-hearted human being you have no reasonable excuse to hurt anyone emotionally or to retaliate against them.

“Hurt people hurt other people”, strangely they find some sort of pleasure seeing others miserable.

Knowing this about our flawed nature will help you better understand why it is so very important to forgive. God knows, from my personal experiences how hard it is to forgive when you would rather bash their head in!!!

Oh no, that is not healthy for not only them but for the spiritual being that lives inside of you. You are a bright light shining ever so bright but every time you HATE or HURT another human being that light inside of you becomes dimmer and is finally replaced with darkness.

Forgiving does not mean you have to continue to endure a person’s abuse there comes a time you must forgive them and move on to the next chapter in your life.

The most important aspect of forgiveness is having the ability to let go! Holding on to things that someone has done to you in your past will keep you from enjoying the wonderful future you have right in front of you.

Open your eyes and let your heart heal so that you can receive all the blessings that are waiting for you.

Forgiving sets you free! Forgiving does not allow others to have power over you!

So…You Say You’re Not Selfish?

We never want to admit it but we all are selfish in many ways. Whenever someone shouts “YOU ARE SELFISH” the first thing we say is “No, I am not look at all that I have done for you?” Really, you keeping a tally on what you have done?

I look at being selfish as our survival instinct kicking in. Naturally, there are some who are over the top with squeezing their pennies until they scream or just down right never wanting to give love but always willing to receive love.

Being selfish isn’t always a bad trait when you have so many people always wanting to take but never giving. If you allow people to continually take what will you have left?

You may be thinking what are they taking? When people take from you it isn’t necessarily material things such has money it can be your self-respect, pride (sin), your dignity or just your overall self-confidence of being who you are.

If you allow it, people will suck you dry! It is your responsibility to determine how much you will allow someone to use you and know when to say enough is enough.

Someone has to start out showing that they are willing to be used in the beginning for whatever personal gain they are expecting to receive whether it is a blessing or for sexual gratification.

People do things for the most part because they are “expecting” something in return; whether it’s a few dollars in their pocket or just to put a smile on someone’s face.

We all are selfish no matter the intensity of our selfishness it’s just a part of who we are.

Scared of Toothbrush or What?

I remember this guy in the 90’s that really liked me and I kept pushing him away.
He was a truly nice guy, so one day he asked me, “Patrice, why don’t’ you like me?” I replied, “Do you really want to know the truth.?” Of course he said yes! Well, people say that all the time but never really mean it.
The truth can be hurtful or make you appear to be a monster when you are simply being honest.

This handsome, kind young gentleman’s hygiene was deplorable but he was a ray of sunshine to be around.

Naturally, I told him that his teeth were really dirty and that I could see the buildup of plague inches thick and wondered how he could stand it.
That didn’t sit well with him at all but he dealt with it.

Years later, I saw him in passing and his teeth were immaculately clean and beautiful…we had a great conversation and parted ways.

The last time I saw him, he was holding the hand of this extremely pretty girl we both looked at each other and smiled. Moral of my story, somebody had to tell him instead of accepting it especially if he wanted to be in my face 24/7 chasing me down streets.

It did him good and he actually thanked me for telling him!!!
That’s what childhood friends are for 🙂

Feeling Annoyed Today :(

I am at a point in my life that I have zero tolerance for nonsense. The things I used to ignore are indicators that there may be a mental issue with certain folks.
It doesn’t take much to get on my nerves especially when you are an adult and should know at the minimum on how to be respectful.

Some situations no matter how the other person is behaving you always take the high road it’s just not worth looking like the second donkey. Civility will keep your blood pressure down as well.

Besides, most of the time the people who annoy the heck out of you aren’t meant to be in your life anyway.

Random Thought:
No matter how much I may want to body slam a chick for talking sideways out the mouth ignoring her is just as effective even if you just don’t get the same satisfaction out of dabbling with violence.

Well, the police will place those nice silver tone bracelets on you and you will have a record follow you for the rest of your life! So, ignoring is by far the better choice praying that person doesn’t violate your space making you lose all control.

Another annoying thing is guys who are desperate and smother you with this idea that they own you. Are you kidding me? No ring and you want me to do what and not to do what? You will NEVER own me ok so move out of my way while I do me.

I am just annoyed today about everything for no particular reason…I listen to every word and read every text as if it’s the last word I will ever read or the last word I will ever hear.
I always seemed to miss so many things in the past that people said to me, you know those indicators (warning signs & red flags!) because I was caught up in the moment.

I let their actions that revealed everything I needed to know get tucked under the rug giving them a pass. How many freaking passes do you give a person?
I just can’t deal with anymore liars, phony folks, cheaters or people who are just down right inconsiderate in every way possible it makes me ill.

I am not perfect but at least I am not scum beneath the earth that goes around reeking havoc wherever I go.