Scared of Toothbrush or What?

I remember this guy in the 90’s that really liked me and I kept pushing him away.
He was a truly nice guy, so one day he asked me, “Patrice, why don’t’ you like me?” I replied, “Do you really want to know the truth.?” Of course he said yes! Well, people say that all the time but never really mean it.
The truth can be hurtful or make you appear to be a monster when you are simply being honest.

This handsome, kind young gentleman’s hygiene was deplorable but he was a ray of sunshine to be around.

Naturally, I told him that his teeth were really dirty and that I could see the buildup of plague inches thick and wondered how he could stand it.
That didn’t sit well with him at all but he dealt with it.

Years later, I saw him in passing and his teeth were immaculately clean and beautiful…we had a great conversation and parted ways.

The last time I saw him, he was holding the hand of this extremely pretty girl we both looked at each other and smiled. Moral of my story, somebody had to tell him instead of accepting it especially if he wanted to be in my face 24/7 chasing me down streets.

It did him good and he actually thanked me for telling him!!!
That’s what childhood friends are for 🙂

5 thoughts on “Scared of Toothbrush or What?

  1. I have had people to say which seemed at the time harsh things to me..but I understood later that it was just the truth and it actually motivated me….So it comes down to can you handle the truth or not?


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