You Are Not Worthless!

Never be an option in someone’s life. If a person does not appreciate you they don’t need you nor do they deserve you. One day, and it may be many years from now they will realize that they lost out on the best thing that EVER happened to them.

Know your worth. We should never allow anyone to use us but we do simply because we gain something as well.

When feelings get involved that’s when you have a problem. Know when to walk away especially if you know that there is no future you are just temporary. It’s not fun being part of a heavy rotation.

5 thoughts on “You Are Not Worthless!

  1. I love your posts – I feel like you are a cheerleader giving me the cheers to go out and do the right thing or the smart thing or the knowledge to absorb before doing the thing! We need to get you some pompoms!


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