We can be so mean!

I am learning more each day that its better to keep your mouth shut if you can’t say something nice about a person.
Especially, if you never met them and they did nothing to you.
Never listen to negative feedback that others give you about a person you never met!
Formulate your own opinion of people.
It’s a fact, that more often than not,we treat people differently and not equally based on social norms and tarnished views someone implanted in your mind about a person.
If they are a known rapist or thief you may want to proceed with caution.
Remember people change and you never know what the actual circumstances that occurred that resulted in criminal charges whatever they may be.
There are tactful ways to express your displeasure but when you are ruthless with your tongue it shows you are far worse than the person you are speaking badly about.
We judge others that’s just what we do for no reason at all but believing we are somewhat better than that individual.
You may have possibly been a better person but once you start dicing them up with your tongue saying mean things you actually hold less value than a bag full of stinky garbage.
Celebrities get it the worse!!!
Just be nice or shut up because sometimes you can’t find nice things to say about a honestly awful person!

Family or Foe?

I am not ashamed to say it but I have been told the meanest things in my life by relatives and uplifted by strangers.

People choose to see the bad in you when they need to actually focus on themselves. Even if you happen to be a rotten individual that’s between you and God not you and them!

Sometimes people are so miserable they seek pleasure in trying to make you feel worthless. Why not clean your own backyard first then help me clean mine rather than talk about how dirty my yard is?

I am not talking about constructive criticism either they were down right EVIL. All I could do is listen as tears rolled down my eyes. If I became angry and wanted to become violent then maybe the things they said to me were true?

Instead it hurt my heart because I knew the things they said weren’t true and they were intentionally trying to make me feel like I wasn’t a part of the family.

People who are supposed to be close to you and you thought loved you will try to hurt you the most.

The moral to the story is that you must seek God for answers not people.
Don’t let another human being tell you that you are anything less than a beautiful creation of God.

Expiration Date?

There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things and having a fat bank account BUT:

Don’t waste your life chasing The American Dream that can turn your life into a nightmare with debt, missing out on you children growing up, leaving an angry (divorce) spouse at home. You must make to time to live LIFE while you are on your path of achieving great things. You get one shot at life so chase after peace, joy, love, happiness and a peace of mind.

Don’t concern yourself with what others will say about you when you want to live or do things a certain way that makes you happy. Never put your life on hold for anyone because you will look up and that time you lost is gone forever. You can work on moving forward together!

Remember that everything you worked so hard for will be left behind for others to enjoy that didn’t lift a finger to earn but if that’s what you want great!

I just want to have sex…that’s it

If a person tells you in the beginning “I just want to have sex” why do you expect more from them as time goes by?

You have to be up front with folks and let them know what you expect from them.
If they feel they can’t deliver then they are not for you. Beware of LIES folks will tell you anything and everything you want to hear believe only ACTIONS.

If you both aren’t expecting anything (best case scenario) then it’s fair game.
However, someone will eventually get their emotions caught up in this little fling thing you have going on so you have to be realistic. “We are just friends” that’s cute at first but it can get ugly in the end. People have mastered how to be honest but somehow they seem to tell you more lies that bury the honest part.

Listen to your gut when it tells you to “GET OUT”. Most importantly be aware keep your eyes and ears open at all times. They will not only show you how they feel they will tell you unknowingly sometimes.

People who are afraid to commit are the most dangerous people to trust your heart with.
Stop thinking you have this magical power to change someone’s heart.

It takes a miracle from God and you being the one in a million individual to change that person’s heart when they are hell bent on never falling in love again because they feel it’s just not worth it.

Sex is VERY intimate especially for women. SEX changes the entire game!

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire…

When you ask for the TRUTH be prepared or don’t ask…

When someone asks you a question and you can’t find it in your heart to tell them the truth, just say, “I don’t want to talk about it right now, this does not mean the answer to your question is a YES or NO, I just need time to think about how to respond to you.”

“I don’t want to lie neither do I want to hurt you so please respect that.”
The truth hurts and sometimes it may cause you to lose friends and/or damage relationships beyond repair but it is far better to be truthful considering lies hurt far more than the truth when things are finally revealed.

Betrayal does something to your soul when you gave a person your trust. The truth may hurt but you will be respected once they get their emotions in check.
For those who can’t accept the truth then that’s their problem if they prefer a liar instead.