I just want to have sex…that’s it

If a person tells you in the beginning “I just want to have sex” why do you expect more from them as time goes by?

You have to be up front with folks and let them know what you expect from them.
If they feel they can’t deliver then they are not for you. Beware of LIES folks will tell you anything and everything you want to hear believe only ACTIONS.

If you both aren’t expecting anything (best case scenario) then it’s fair game.
However, someone will eventually get their emotions caught up in this little fling thing you have going on so you have to be realistic. “We are just friends” that’s cute at first but it can get ugly in the end. People have mastered how to be honest but somehow they seem to tell you more lies that bury the honest part.

Listen to your gut when it tells you to “GET OUT”. Most importantly be aware keep your eyes and ears open at all times. They will not only show you how they feel they will tell you unknowingly sometimes.

People who are afraid to commit are the most dangerous people to trust your heart with.
Stop thinking you have this magical power to change someone’s heart.

It takes a miracle from God and you being the one in a million individual to change that person’s heart when they are hell bent on never falling in love again because they feel it’s just not worth it.

Sex is VERY intimate especially for women. SEX changes the entire game!

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