Family or Foe?

I am not ashamed to say it but I have been told the meanest things in my life by relatives and uplifted by strangers.

People choose to see the bad in you when they need to actually focus on themselves. Even if you happen to be a rotten individual that’s between you and God not you and them!

Sometimes people are so miserable they seek pleasure in trying to make you feel worthless. Why not clean your own backyard first then help me clean mine rather than talk about how dirty my yard is?

I am not talking about constructive criticism either they were down right EVIL. All I could do is listen as tears rolled down my eyes. If I became angry and wanted to become violent then maybe the things they said to me were true?

Instead it hurt my heart because I knew the things they said weren’t true and they were intentionally trying to make me feel like I wasn’t a part of the family.

People who are supposed to be close to you and you thought loved you will try to hurt you the most.

The moral to the story is that you must seek God for answers not people.
Don’t let another human being tell you that you are anything less than a beautiful creation of God.

13 thoughts on “Family or Foe?

    • Thanks babes! Hang in there…we came in this world alone unless you are a twin and we certainly will leave alone unless its some sort of unforeseen situation like a ……don’t want to speak it into existence but you get what I am trying to communicate.
      Family can be the worst! It’s ok shows you doing something right! When you love them and don’t get it back love them from a distance!


    Yes I know about this kind of pain. I have experienced family members trying to make me feel excluded and bad about things, but I find that the ones who do it have been either jealous of me or just are plain miserable within themselves. So I just try to understand how they feel and what they are going thru. I know a lot of the time its because they feel like they don’t have what I have and so I learned that we all have a karmic account. Lots of times they are just bleeding all over the place with their own brokenness and pain. So I am learning how to cut them off at the quick/beginning by not hanging around for them to finish their sentences because I already know I do not deserve any of this negative energy. So why indulge and listen to it. I also spend a lot of my own personal time releasing the negative energy that is sent my way being my fault or theirs. so the only way I can continue to feel good and happy with myself is to give myself lots of love all of time.Then I send them love and approval energy too. And keep it moving! Thanks for keeping it real and for this post. Betty


  2. great piece. i sort of know about this, but more from the ex-husband point of view and, let’s face it, that is a whole different monster! sorry to be absent – been terribly busy, but I am happy to have gotten back to my reader and lo and behold, here you are!

    xx Kimberly


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