Food 4 Thought

Many times we don’t want to hear the truth and shut down never giving the other person a chance to speak.
We yell, scream and sometimes shout obscenities!
Most of the time people don’t have a clue about you making assumptions but that one person you decide to not hear out is telling you the truth.
Just listen and process what is being said even if you feel it’s nonsense in the beginning.
Sometimes we behave in an unfavorable manner never actually realizing it until its brought to our attention.
Don’t end up being one of those people who gets introduced by saying “that’s so and so that’s just how he/she is don’t pay so and so any mind, ignore them”
This means you have been a rude jackass and its accepted amongst your peers and family!
Then you meet me and I say, “I don’t give a damn how so and so is they will not speak to me or treat me with disrespect”.
We are work in progress. Constructive criticism is a good thing for everyone.
The most important thing is knowing when someone is being cruel or really care enough to call you out in private of course.
The truth may appear to be cruel but we all know the truth stings a bit at times so swallow and digest and expel all that you feel is realistically irrelevant or holds no validity.
Be honest with yourself, know who you are and what you are capable of.

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