Why should I care what others think about me?

I think it’s far better to tell a person about the good things you see in them before you start telling them the bad things you see. I’ve had people tell me several times that I have a “strong” personality which means no one is allowed to use me as a floor mat.

Besides, unless you have managed to not be flawed how about you just shut up?
As if we don’t already know about our personality flaws and you better believe we notice yours as well. You have to respect a person’s differences even if you aren’t too fond of those inconsistencies.

I find it annoying when someone tries to tell me how messed up I am when their life is a complete mess. You can’t tell me anything about my relationship if you NEVER had a healthy one that is standing strong as we speak.

You can’t tell me how to stay married if you are working on your second divorce!
I seek counsel from Jesus and my parents whom I know love me unconditionally.

Unless I come to you for your advice please don’t offer. However, if you notice I am on a path of destruction and you love me enough to tell me that’s a beautiful thing.

Handling the truth has never been an issue for me sugar coating things just makes me nauseated.
Consequently, please understand that your biased opinion about me never mattered and never will only the TRUTH is all that I will consider.

That’s exactly why I am happy with who I am today and love myself without a doubt.
I know who I am and what I am capable of. I also know when someone is trying to hurt with words verses showing me tough love.

Don’t look at me and assume you know what type of person I am based on my appearance.

Don’t get haughty with me and don’t expect me to respond with equal intensity then call me a b*tch.

I actually like being me. Therefore, you have two choices…take me as I am or stay out of my space….comprendo?

5 thoughts on “Why should I care what others think about me?

    • You are a sweetheart!
      Life experiences (more than enough) taught me well it wasn’t natural 😉
      It took lots of pain as a result of my silence to finally decide I had enough😡
      I notice no matter how nice you say it most people don’t want to know the truth😱


      • Your are so right about that, the truth is really kind of hard to swallow at times. My old time pastor used to say he had to wrap the truth up in making us laugh about it most times because it was the most effective way of getting it across to people. Thanks so much and have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


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