FAWK THAT! Really?

I am not prissy, snobby and actually grew up in a pretty tough area attending schools that housed not educated kids who were more concerned with violence than peace and fighting over learning.
I’ve seen it all and heard it all more than what I choose to share
Here we go…
I can’t believe that people actually spell out the actual curse words on a social network.
There are ways to spell it out that’s not as offensive.
(AZZ, FAWK) we know what both means but must we be direct? (B*tch)
How about not using any of it no matter how you spell it out.
We are all adults and really shouldn’t use profanity. Indeed it’s all about choice.
Sometimes emotions have us saying things we really shouldn’t but as we grow we refrain from using vulgar language (I hope).
Today I have decided to NEVER use anything remotely close to profanity! It not only looks bad it sounds awful coming out of your mouth.
If I slip up its like this cloud of guilt follows me forcing me to immediately apologize!
You don’t appear tough you actually look stupid when every other word that comes out of your mouth is a curse word. Ugh! Just shut up why don’t you?!
Kids around? Some don’t care they will go into full effect and have the nerve to be blazing loud.
Read a book to increase your vocabulary please!
Imagine that every time you curse a little turd is oozing out of your mouth and it really stinks bad!

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