Think Before You Eat…

I am not a Professional what is shared with you is from my very own personal experiences:

For some reason most people believe you have to starve yourself in order to lose a few pounds when that’s far from the truth. Denying yourself in the beginning (cold turkey) isn’t a good move because you may have a relapse or actually suffer from anxiety when your body has become accustomed to garbage foods.

Think of a drug addict and how they act when they can’t get a fix…kind of the same thing. Anyway, just measure your food eat a cup of everything and once that’s gone if you find you are still hungry eat an apple or a cup of raw almonds chased with a tall glass of water.

It took me over 20 years to put on an extra 40lbs so what makes me think I can lose it in 30-days without half killing myself!

I am not interested in diets pills or those shots they give you to burn fat (I think?) whatever it is I don’t want it. I eat all day little portions of GOOD food and find it more satisfying than eating like a cow grazing on a field except it’s not grass it was fatty foods full of salt etc.

I think before I eat because it really matters what goes in my body and it makes a huge difference in how I feel.

My goal is not to be skinny not a good look for me when I love having meat on bones!
My goal is to be healthy even if I remain a little thick 😉

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