Red Lipstick

True story:
A friend asked me to come hang out.

The only person that was familiar to me was the friend who invited me.
Meeting new people is totally fine with me it’s just when they aren’t friendly is what makes the process difficult.

As I walked in the room;
I felt eyeballs burning through my skin which prompted me to turn around.

Two of the seven were all up in my face.
That was cool; I smiled said hello introducing myself while one of the them gave me this dirty look.

That look gave me chills and the idea of how one person could ruin my night was upon me.

Honestly, I’ve been there before more than I care to count.
Usually, the outcome was horrendous because back then my maturity level was on zero.

As a result of those past experiences my approach when dealing with difficult people has a more positive outcome.
I either ignore them or kill them with kindness.

This person never said hello back totally ignored my greeting…
It gets worse…this person blurted out. “I don’t think black women should wear red lipstick, it makes them look like a whore.”
Laughter followed…little did they know; if they tried that 20 years ago; they both would have got punched in the face.

While the other person who sat next to this rude opinionated person had a smirk on their face, the eyes said it all. No matter how nice I was it would not have made a difference.

Ironically, I wore red lipstick that night and absolutely love red.
(Red looks great on me and the color does not compliment every woman)
Letting out an exasperated sigh,
I uttered, “Well, is that right?” And walked away.

My friend came over and asked was everything ok…I replied, “Of course!”, not wanting to cause a big fuss.
Sometimes it gets old trying to be the bigger person. But it’s best to ignore stupid people.

This is just one example of the many encounters I’ve had with women that I’ll never understand.

Insecurities and simply judging another woman that you never met in your life is a sickness of the mind.

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