Missed Opportunity

A missed opportunity is exactly that nothing more or less. When you book a flight and you miss it you can never catch that flight again. You can receive a credit or reschedule the flight you missed but you will NEVER be able to catch that plan leaving that airport because it has taken flight.

Can you radio the captain and request him to turn around to come back and allow you to board the plane? I highly doubt it unless you are the POPE or the President. Life is the exact same way…you miss out on an opportunity more than likely it will never come again.

You can’t take a rain check on so many things in life but for some reason we want to believe that the world will stop for us until we are “ready”.

7 thoughts on “Missed Opportunity

  1. We all deserve a second chance in life. Some mistakes are major some are small. God forgives us for our sins. Life is short give him another chance I can tell your going back and forth in your mind about leaving him or staying. Short story about me. I was with a man for 8 years and we never got married we broke up I started dating another man and he gave me aids now I’m sitting here on my death bed wishing that I could of just gave him that one chance to make it right.


      • Your welcome if the GOOD out weights the BAD stay make it work. What hurts me till this day I see his watery eyes and his broken heart and him asking me to stay and make it right and I was stubborn. Let God into your relationship and watch how you and him unite as one. Thanks for responding your the first person I’ve communicated with in months everyone else has disown me. Thanks Patrice hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Thanks Patrice I will email you. It’s time for to take about 20 different medications. You have really made my Christmas special thanks. Give him a second chance I read your comment he spoils you he’s a keeper 🙂


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