Liar…Liar Pants on Fire!

I will never understand why people lie but I guess it’s not for me to judge them. However; if the lie directly affects me there is a problem. The twist to that is we can serve lies but can’t take it when it’s served on a plate to us.

 Besides, who am I to demand that someone not lie to me; when I may not always be the most honest person myself?

Most of the time we make a lie that someone tells us our problem when not every lie is meant to hurt us but sometimes protect us from the truth that may rip our soul apart. We think we want the truth when in reality “Can you handle the truth?”

Truth gives you options and most of all a CHOICE! Lies hold you captive and can sometimes be hurtful and selfish if a person is trying to build themselves up to be something they aren’t or lead you to believe that they love you.

Lies are awful but exactly how dreadful is a lie? Well, that all depends on the context, reason or purpose behind the lie…White lie or big fat lie a lie is a LIE!

My purpose is NOT to justify liars but try to understand exactly if there really is a valid reason to lie? Isn’t it better to just plead the 5th?

A few folks have looked me dead in my eyes and told the biggest lies you could ever imagine and the entire time I already knew the truth. What a total blower! I had hard facts but never said a word just listened in total disgust.

I could give a few examples of what I feel are justifiable lies but why when it’s so hard to prove that any lie is truly acceptable or is it?

In the end if the truth ever come to light what exactly have you proved by telling a lie?

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